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Red Diamond Store

Red Diamond Store

Sleepy Bear (Hardcover)


In the magical world of the elf-like people of Hush and Slumber, Marisol is the only kid in town who doesn't have a living teddy bear. On her 7th birthday her Papa surprises her with the rarest of all living teddy bears, a little polar bear named Sleepy. They are instant friends. Marisol and all her friends take their bears out for fun to celebrate at an amusement park, baseball game, and a circus and no matter where they go or how much fun they're having, Sleepy ultimately can't manage to stay awake. By the end of the fun day, Sleepy feels terrible. He thinks he ruined all the fun by constantly falling asleep, but Marisol lets him know that they had a great time, and that she loves him and accepts him because they are friends no matter what. The moral of the story is that sometimes we have flaws out of our control, but real friends love us for who we are no matter what.

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