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Red Diamond Films Inc. Events

Washing Shoot Washing Shoot The Infamous Laundromat 49709173 Nadia Garnier 49709169 Kristen Holloway 49709171 Crew 49709172 Mysterious stranger 49709170 Smile! 49709174 Producer Joy Dabbs & associate Jaime 49709175 Cut? I think... Did I say cut? 49709176 Producer Joy Dabbs & associate Jaime 49709177 Get that shot by any means... 49709178 Kristen, Nubit, and Dominic 49709179 Am I framed up right? 49709280 Eliezer 49709281 Kristen, Nubit, and Dominic 49709282 Kristen, Nubit, and Dominic 49709283 Mary checks the shot list, great AD 49709284 And... Action! 49709285 Kristen & the dryer 49709286 Kristen, Nubit, and Dominic 49709287 Woody, Nadia and Mary 49709288 Surprise... 49709289 Kristen 49709290 Huh? 49709291 Tommy Jeff Martin preparing for his scene, so method 49709304 Kristen 49709292 Ha! 49709293 Arista, Nadia & Woody the sound man supreme! 49709294 Watch out! 49709295 Eliezer taking his role seriously 49709296 rigor setting in, bad juju 49709297 make up 49709298 Abusing your actors is wrong, but fun lol 49709299 more make up 49709300 I didn't lose a prop did I? 49709301 Tired? Who me? 49709302 Tommy Jeff and the light from hell, lol 49709303 No feet in the shot please 49709305 The tart that started it all 49709306 Shirtless TJM in any movie is a good thing :) 49709307