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Film Fest Entry Update

Posted by reddiamondfilmsinc on May 28, 2005 at 4:01 AM Comments comments ()

OK.  So here is an update on our
film festival entries for
FANATIC.  It has been
grueling work sending out for all of these
and paying for each one is another story,
but God is good, awesome, and
surpasses awesome infinitely as always so no worries.
Below is a list of all the film festivals
Fanatic has been entered into.  More may be added later.  As I find out about the status of the film in each fest you all will be the first to know via this site.  Feel free to check out any of these fests to see what the word out is about Fanatic and hit me up with an email if you hear any news.
                                               - Nadia

Film festivals Fanatic is entered into

Action On Film International Film fest        
Action/Cut Short Film Competition        
Alameda International Film fest
Annapolis Film festival        
ARPA Foundation  Film and, Music festival        
Austin Film fest         
Bahamas International Film fest       
Bethel Film fest         
Big Bear Lake International Film fest         
Bluegrass Independent Film fest       
Breckenridge Film festival      
California Independent Film fest        
Chicago Underground Film fest 
Chicago International REEL Short Film fest         
Coney Island Film festival         
Dragon*Con Independent Short Film fest          
2005 Festival de cine international de Barcelona
2005 Festival du cinema de Bruxelles
Fire Island Golden Wagon Film fest       
Fort Lauderdale International Film fest         
GiRLfest  Hawaii
Gloria International Film fest         
GOLDEN LION Film festival        
Great Lakes Independent Film fest        
Griffon International Film fest         
Hamptons International Film fest
Hawaii International Film fest         
HaydenFilm fests Online Film fest
Heartland Film festival        
Hollywood Film festival        
International Family Film fest         
 ION International Short Film fest         
Libertas  Dubrovnik Film fest        
Malibu Film festival        
Mill Valley Film festival        
Milwaukee International Film fest
New Orleans Film festival        
Ohio Independent Film festival        
Ojai Film festival        
Online Diversity Film festival        
Orinda Film fest         
Palm Springs International Film fest       
Quittapahilla Film fest         
Raindance Film festival        
Rebelfest Film fest         
Rhode Island International Film fest        
Rome International Film fest
Sacramento Film and Music festival         
San Diego Film festival        
Savannah Film festival        
Sedona International Film fest /Workshop        
Sidewalk Moving Picture Film Fest
St Louis International Film fest
Starz Denver International Film festival        
Stratford Upon Avon International Film fest         
Temecula Valley International Film fest        
The DIY Film fest    
Toofy Film fest
2005 Takoma Park Film Festival          
West Chester Short Film fest         
Whistler Film fest         
Williamstown Film festival        
Wine Country Film festival        
Woods Hole Film fest
Woodstock Film fest         

The premiere was Fan-tastic!

Posted by reddiamondfilmsinc on May 8, 2005 at 4:01 AM Comments comments ()

The premiere was Fan-tastic! For everyone else but the CEO who was running around like a chicken with her head cut off.  Just kidding!  I thank and send all my love and God's blessings to everyone who attended the premiere.  Thank you all for supporting Red Diamond Films Inc.'s maiden voyage. 
We know that because of you all, the next film will be a success as well.  As for
FANATIC, it is film festival time!  Fanatic will be presented to as many film festivals as possible to hopefully garner support for the company and for future films.  Please submit your addresses and other contact information via email so that you can be put on the physical mailing list for future invites and updates.  I seriously can't put into words the love I have for you all for making such a stressful time so easy.  For all your kindness, God Bless.   Fanatic DVD's are on sale now through this site/paypal for $5.00 each ($6.00 after 95 cents shipping + 5 cents tax) so feel free to buy as many copies as you want and they should arrive within 2 weeks of purchase.  Hopefully, after I recuperate from the current festivities,  RDF Inc. news can be updated every two weeks to keep everyone informed.  Thank you all again for everything.  We will rock the east coast and change the world one film at a time.
- Nadia